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Is there any way to crack steam? I am not a hardcore gamer. Even though I love to play games especially soccer games. Some games need simply connected to steam in order to continue playing in offline mode too. So I just want to override these steam account registrations to play those games.

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answered by Patron (2,840 points) 2 9 27
First of all "cracking" any website is a crime...so I highly advise you do not go through that path...though you probably already know that.

I am not here to lecture anyone, however you could get into trouble doing that. It is way easier to simply spend a few dollars on the games you want to play, after all people spent time and money creating them so...

Well, Steam is a very big website and I am sure cracking it would be no easy job...apart from making those who do a hacker, or whatever they call these people.

Remember: cracking websites, whatever the reason is, is a crime!

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