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Sports are a way of life or should be a way of life for everyone. ever since i was a kid growing up sports used to be a daily thing for us. in school it was mandatory that every child should join a club to do sports. for me i was in the gymnastics team and i was very good at it, i enjoyed it very much, then i also played badminton and did short races as well. all this sports were part of the school's extra curriculum. I can go ahead and say that those sports helped me quite a big deal because then i bacame a firness fanatic when i went to high school. but i slowly started dropping them one by one as i grew up. and got into exercising more. I would say my favorite sport is basketball (watching) because i cannot play. but badminton is a favoritee to watch and play, it flex every body part.
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I have a whole plethora of sports I can choose from.In my country, we love football.. People love football.. I guess its a way of unwinding after the hard day's work.I'm not a die hard football fan...I don't watch premier league ..champions league and the rest..I don't even know the names of those football players except the very popular ones..

The only time I watch football is during worldcup.At that point it suddenly becomre my new mania.. Watching it alone doesn't bring that fun but going to a viewing centre where you sit with an army of people and you still see people trooping in droves. Its always interesting because you get to listen to some funny,ridiculous comments that will make you have a really good laugh...then ,when your team scores,the crowd becomes hysterical raising a ruckus while some get hot under the collar when their team is losing...

I love to watch professional basketball too..especially when stunts performed by this professionals is out of this world..I'm always awed into silence when I see people like Michael Jordan walking in the air to throw the ball in the net...its always amazing...

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