Is Jeep Compass Black Trailhawk available in diesel automatic option? - Answeree


I love the looks of Jeep Compass Black. I want to buy the latest Trailhawk if an automatic diesel is available?

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Many people are waiting for the Trailhawk to offer an automatic car with a diesel engine. Considering the Jeep Compass Black is so popular in India, after July the Jeep dealership in India will start to offer this new edition to the Trailhawk. However, if you don't live in India, you should be able to find this offered in other countries as well. 

If you live in India, starting in July you can place your order for ones of these cars. You'll need to leave a deposit when placing your order. They require a Rs 50,000 deposit and Jeep is saying they should start delivering these to India sometime in July. 
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