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Life itself is a mystery and their are tons of things that we humans can't comprehend.

As a kid,I stumbled on an article.. The content is a little fuzzy now but one main thing the writer argued about is the fact that success is predermined...Let me break it down..he said if you interview successful people and ask them to share with you their secrets of success, they will reel out things like hardwork,dedication,perseverance, prayer and a whole plethora of other things.

The writer said although its good to do all this things but a whole slew of people do this things and are still not successful .

The honest truth is people that  succeed actually succeed because they are bound to succeed.They just succeed.A person that is bound to be the president of a nation will get their.. The universe has a way of working this things out

Their path in life has been predetermined Series of events will lead them their and nothing will stop them from getting to that great height...and that leads me to my favourite quote"Life is what happens to you while you are doing something else"

What are your thoughts?

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Our lives were predetermined right before we were born into this world. we did not determine whether we will come into this world, we just found ourselves here. how did it come to happen that we should be a part of this world? only God can answer that question. but from what we know and what the bible tells us, for those of us who are believers we know that when God created us, he had already written down what was to happen in our lives even before he formed us in the wombs of our mothers. so anyway, success and everything that revolves in our lives, is predetermined. no one knows what will happen to them when they wake up in the morning, God is the one who directs our steps in everything we do, where we go and how we go about it. We may plan our day but God is the one who orders our footsteps. Like it's been written in the bible he is the Author and Finisher of our lives.
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Honestly,you nailed it..only God can answer that question.. he had already planned how our lives we play out..its good to work hard..its good to plan..its good to get an education.. but it is only God that determines what will happen to us and the height we get to..Man proposes,God disposes..
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"Predetermined" means life is inflicted upon you. You are no more than a wock to be thwown at a wabbit. That is a religious concept, and a really wacky one.

If you interview successful people you quickly realize that they have no clear idea about what was responsible for their success, they only know it took a lot of effort. So if another fellow can't duplicate their success they assume he must be lazy.

No, there is no crabby old god living in the sky and smiting random people. But we do observe that the successful person is the one who noticed a need and took care of it.
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I didn't write the article from a religious point of view..I believe you didn't see God in my write up.

My write up is as a result of my experience.. and things i read and obeserved..You don't have to agree with me....everybody is entitled to his or her opinion..Nobody said you shouldn't be hardworking.. I didn't say you shouldn't have a dream.. Of course only a dimwitted individual will just sit lazily at home expecting manner to fall from the sky..

All I'm just saying is its good to work hard ,work smart ,persevere and stuff but if you are not meant to be a doctor, you will just keep wasting your time studying medicine..more like spinning your wheels in the mud.."Life is what happens to you while you are doing something else"...sit down and ponder over that quote..

Once again,their is nothing  religious about my write up..I only said the universe has a way of making this things happen...Nobody said people should be slothful...
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We are all entitled to our own opinion, i respect that,  for me i follow what the Holy Bible teaches and i have chosen to share what i know and believe, but i cannot impose what i believe on anyone, you choose what you want to believe. You can believe that people get successful by their own might and strength but to me i know God is the giver of wisdom to beget that wealth. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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