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If a person lacks sleep, will he become a vicyiv of obesity?
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Lacking sleep can lead to overall health problem like dizziness, nausea,vomiting and less blood counting. The obesity however is one of the side effect if you eat more than usual and lack of sleep.

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Several scientific studies show that there is a direct relationship between sleep deprivation (insomnia) and weight gain and obesity. There are many reasons for this and there are a number of other studies that investigate these relationships. One of them would be the fact that lack of sleep alters human metabolism and the sensation of hunger arises, hence, the so-called "refrigerator assaults" take place.

Only a few hours of sleep reduce levels of leptin (satiety hormone), increase levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone), and cause fatigue and increase opportunities to get food. These factors increase hunger, reduce energy expenditure and increase the intake of foods with high energy density, resulting in weight gain. Thus, individuals with deregulated sleep end up entering a vicious cycle, in which they will become increasingly tired and less disposed to exercise.

One way to try to reverse this picture would be to regulate your sleep, keeping in mind that on average the number of hours ideal for daily sleep, to repair the energies spent would be, for the adult individual, between 6 and 8 hours. However, there is still no agreement on how many hours each individual needs sleep per day, as there are several variables of human organisms.
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yes,that the lack of sleep leads to obesity,can cause more of weight.Dur to depression.Losing out on sleep creates viscous cycle.thereafter it cause the body weak.Will have a many diseases.make you unfit.but proper sleep will make you loose weight.also make fit.I presently work for a best essay writing service and I'm used to write some articles whenever I get some free time.
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Reduced sleep duration and poor sleep quality are the leading factors to obesity and its complications.

Sleep loss has been shown to result from metabolic alterations, including decreased glucose tolerance of appetite regulating hormone.

After eating, the body needs sometime to digest the food.That's why they always say taking a 30 minutes nap is very crucial.

Obese comes in when someone is done eating, in no time ,they've ventured in another activity. By the end of the day they end up not getting enough time to sleep due to several activities.
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• The answer to your question is yes, there is a relation between sleep and weight gain.

• Sleep is very important for everyone when we get sufficient amount of sleep, our body functions properly and enough oxygen is supplied to the brain.

• There will be great hormones balance, and when we suffer from lack of sleep, it effects gradually on our food eating habits, we eat more, our eating timings change, we tend to eat more than normal.

so it's better to maintain proper sleep timings and food eating timings
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Yes. Scientific studies show that lack of sleep may cause a person to gain weight. Results of the study conducted by University of Colorado showed that one week of sleeping for just about 5 hours a night led participants to gain an average of two pounds. According to them, this is because lack of sleep causes multiple changes in a person's body, including changes in hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. In particular, sleep deprivation reduces the hormone leptin, which is responsible for suppressing the appetite. On the other hand, the hormone ghrelin that triggers feelings of hunger shoots up when you lack enough sleep.

Moreover, sleep deprivation changes the food you want to eat, and makes you rather crave more for fat and sugar-laden foods.
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Yes! Not having enough sleep can leads to accumulation of fatty tissues in the body. This is attributed to improper functioning of the metabolic activities in the body. Once metabolic processes is hindered by insufficient sleeping patterns, obesity becomes inevitable because conversion of food into energy production requires regulation of sleep hormone for it to be able to perform its functions.
Furthermore, apart from the interruption of the metabolic process, insufficient sleep can also cause stress, anxiety, high blood pressure,etc. And once stress sets due to lack of sleep, obesity will find a perfect window to take its root in one's body.
More importantly, sleeping shouldn't be skipped not for whatever reason. We all are expected to have adequate amount of sleep of 6-8 hours each day. Anything short of this, it's seen as lack of insufficient sleep, and the consequences could be very deleterious to the whole body system.
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It is simply like when you are a short sleeper, you might wake up late in the morning, and lost the time for eating your breakfast. Once you eat in the afternoon or what we called brunch, you tend to eat a lot. If you eat a lot, your digestive process will shorten because your brain will signal the process to put everything on your belly, to store all the remaining undigested food because it became a habit to you to skip meals. They want to make sure that will able to give you energy during the time you skip meals. Those who are deprive of sleeping became tired in the morning. They will become tired of even exercising and tend to eat what is available like foods in fast food restaurant. They become undisciplined so they become fat in no time.

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