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Is there still any scope for phone farming? If so, how to set up a phone farm? Which apps should I use for earn big  on phone farming? How much can one make through this technique?

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in 2017 phone farming became very popular for earning a passive income. There are basically two types of apps that you can earn from - data collection apps and watching video apps. You won't see a massive income each day and could earn around $0.40 if you live in the US or even Canada. However, this is possible if you live in other parts of the world, you'll just need to choose the apps that target your regions. 

If you want to set up a phone farm you should buy up old Android devices and not iOS devices. Furthermore, you should only pay around $15 - 20 for your phone. Look for phones that have 1GB of memory if possible. Make sure the device you buy is unlocked and don't purchase tablets. 

The video watching apps will be the major source of your income. However, it is advised to set up all your data collections apps first because they don't require a lot of effort to set them up. Many of the apps will require you to use a phone number when setting up the app. You can use your current phone number or ask to borrow friends phone numbers.

You can use Panel App which is a data collection app and it will accept multiple devices using the same app with the same phone number. You'll earn around $1 a month from the app because you need 1000 views to equal the $1.

Embee Meter CX is another data collection app that you can set up and use. You have other ones and will need to search your location to find the best ones for your area. You can also use Perk TV Live, Perk Pop Quiz, Swagbucks Watch TV, and the list goes on. It is easy to search on Google for apps that work the best in your regions and there are quite a few apps now available for India only. I'd choose these if you want to get started. 
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Phone farming is not a very viable option in India due to internet connection speed and cost of data. The apps that can be used to earn money through phone farming are generally not available in India or are not compatible with Indian mobile phones. However, if you are in a rural area with better internet connection, you can look into apps like Whaff Rewards, CashPirate and mCent, which are available in India and are known to pay well for completing surveys and tasks. However, the amount of money one can make through phone farming depends on the type of tasks and the number of hours put in.
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There is still some potential for phone farming in India, but it is not possible to set up a farm without the help of a farmer's knowledge and experience. You should use the app Store to find various apps that can help you with your goal of making money on the phone. One popular app isdinlyt.***. This app can be used to build a profile and watch bills and other data on your phone. You can also use this app to see how much money you have in your account. You can also use this app to see how much time you have available on your phone and save money by elect to use app when you have too much time on your phone.

One final word of caution: It is important to be careful with what you bet on when it comes to phone farming. Many of the apps and websites that you find for app store should not be used for money but for information or knowledge - be sure to read the sources!
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Phone farming, which involves using multiple smartphones to earn passive income through apps, may work in India, but it depends on factors like network speed, electricity costs, and available apps. It's important to research and consider these factors before starting a phone farming operation.
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Phone farming, which typically involves using multiple smartphones to generate income through various apps and services, may not work as effectively in India as it might in some other regions. Several factors contribute to this:

App Availability and Rewards Programs:

The availability of apps that offer rewards for activities like watching ads or completing tasks may vary by region. Some apps and rewards programs are designed for specific markets and may not be accessible in India.

Internet Speed and Data Costs:

Internet speed and the cost of data can impact the feasibility of phone farming. In some areas, slower internet speeds or higher data costs may affect the efficiency of running multiple devices simultaneously.

Device Specifications:

The effectiveness of phone farming often depends on the specifications of the devices being used. Older or low-end smartphones may not perform as well or support certain apps and tasks.

App Policies and Geographic Restrictions:

Some apps may have policies against using multiple devices from the same location, and geographic restrictions may limit the availability of certain apps or services in India.

Economic Viability:

The economic viability of phone farming depends on the earning potential relative to the costs involved, including electricity and device wear and tear. Factors like low reward rates or high electricity costs can impact profitability.

Before engaging in phone farming or similar activities, it's essential to research and consider the specific conditions in India, including app availability, rewards programs, internet infrastructure, and associated costs. Additionally, be mindful of the terms of service of the apps or platforms involved, as violating these terms may lead to account suspension or loss of earnings.
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