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Ex-convicts are humans too..they should not be discriminated against.Many companies are leery of hiring ex-convicts..after checking his CV and throwing a flood of questions at him,and  they eventually find out that he is an ex-convict,the hr or boss will squint or wrinkle his brow to show that he has taken a dim view of the ex-convict

Generally, ex-convicts find it hard to get jobs because people feel they are dangerous and that could jeopardize the company.

I don't lean towards that school of thought. Human beings are not perfect..people make mistakes..people learn..people grow and change their ways.People deserve a second chance.The fact that he went to jail once does not mean he would flaut laws again and go back to jail.

If I own a company and an ex-convict comes looking for job,if he is qualified, I will employ the person.
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That's very true we all deserve second chances in life. There is no one who is perfect, i agree that the ex convicts have been to jail and have served their term. So when they go out there, there is that thought in their minds, that i do not want to go back to what i was before they are definitely looking forward to making something better for themselves  in future. 
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