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That will depend on yourself.if you still feel that you still love your ex  then you will do anything just to get the attention of  your ex.

As we know it is very difficult to forget about your past relationship especially if you have children from your past relationship you will keep remembering about that relationships.
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This would happen when the two parties never got closure after the relationship went sour. In most cases when there is no closure you will always remain stuck or cling to the relationship hoping that you would work it out.  It depends on both parties not just one individual because both of them could look for opportunities to get attention from the other.
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I love your question and I am going to answer this question with all sincerity. Sometimes, its pretty tough getting over your ex because you are so smitten by them that you turn your blind eye to signs she exhibit during the relationship.You never saw it coming..you just got that call from your girl and the first thing she says is "its over"..it would definitely be surreal.

In this case,you try every means to get her attention..you call her severally.. You send a flood of text messages.. you stalk her on every social media their is..you even travel across the ocean just to mend the relationship.. then you go on your knees like a fool..just to get back together with her.If you are lucky to be in the same room with her ,definitely that person will try every means possible to get her attention.

Back to your question, if I'm to be in the same room with my ex,I will just say a normal "hi" and make her invisible. She is my ex for a reason. Everything that happened  between us was in the past..and we have both moved on.Its just childish to try to get her attention..
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I love the example that you have given, it makes a lot of sense for sure. I have seen people do stuff like that, and it's only natural for someone to behave like that because he or she needs to understand why they have been cut off. This kind of split deserves an explanation for sure.

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