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I am a big fan of Trivia game. A gamer on Trivia told me through chat that there is an option for getting free coins in Trivia by using some cracks. Is it true? If so where can I get one? It's so irresistible to wait for getting free coins.
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Basically, there are some ways that you can earn extra coins when playing the game. These are called hacks and people find them useful. This isn't cheating or using a crack program to cheat with. Here are a few ways you can earn extra coins when playing the game. 

  1. Tackle your weakest subject first. When you want to tackle a crown it is best to tackle the weakest ones first. You can get lucky with this.
  2. If you decide to buy anything in the game, buy lives. 
  3. If you help to rate the questions you can gain a slight advantage over the other players.
  4. Challenge another player that is weaker in an area that you excel in.
  5. You can use challenges as a way to complete weak areas. 
  6. You can try and use the airplane mode chat. 
  7. Take a screenshot of difficult questions so you can review them later.
  8. Turn your lock screen notifications off.
All these basic hacks can help you earn extra coins. They are legal and they don't cheat the game at all. 
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