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As I was surfing the internet I  found this blog which stated that why news blog was more successful than other blogs but it did not give the reasons why.

So I asked myself the same question and I need help.
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News blogs are successful because people want to be kept informed. The secret to the success is constant update with latest and current news, which keeps page visitors. In short most news blog take credit for being the first to report on a particular news, and when such news is disseminated reference is made to the initial publisher.
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Maybe we think why blogs were created in the first Place. Usually, blogs were written to be an outlet of the author's mind or to cater a particular audience. It has specific target readers and these are those people interested or under that topic.

People read on things that they are interested at and to those that they can relate to. And I think that's is the difference between news blogs and the other blogs: target audience.

Other blogs are meant for a particular group of people. For example, writers write blogs about marketing to target the businessmen or entrepreneurs. There is a little chance that a person not interested in marketing will read about it. 

While news blogs attracts the attention of most people because its target readers is the society itself. It is meant to be fed to the general public. People read what is intended for them and what they can relate to, just like blogs about their own community. Another is the popularity of the topic. Usually news blogs are updated and trendy.

I hope this helped!
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I think the targeted group for the news are all groups members including rich class, poor class and every age groups, including male and female. So people reading articles of news in blogging is much more.

Against this targeted group of other articles in blogs is less. For example education articles is only read by educational students etc.
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Its simple news blogs are more successful than other blogs because they have updated information which people want to see and they have tons of post so when you have a huge number of post than something comes every time in search result., and the main thing peoples want to be updated regarding their surrounding so when they saw news they read it if its appears in their interest.
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