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When it comes to television series,I can't say this is the one I love the most.I watch tons of them although I have favorites among the ones I watch

Their are those I plan my time around because I hate missing them.Most of them I aired during primetime and that gives me an opportunity to watch them.

Some are aired on weekends.. I manage to catch those ones on television after I'm through with my humdrum house chores.

Two of such aired during primetime are tinsel and hush. Hush has a great storyline and the casts are just out of this world.Its a Nigerian soap opera .Tinsel is also a Nigerian soap opera.I think the show is in the doldrums though because most of the casts are not featuring anymore.That makes the soap bland but its still good though. The truh of the matter is when it comes to quality and how interesting the shows are..both are of high quality.. Both are interesting but tinsel is not a patch on hush.I will still pick hush over tinsel.

Two south African soaps mbewu and scandal are top notch.I don't like missing them.

One thing I gain from all this soap operas is the fact that I learn some new English words and phrases from them.This has helped my English tremendously. I guess that's why I'm addicted to them.. I tend to get the  best of both world..entertainment and education..
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I usually Watch Romantic web series and I love romantic series. 

If you want to watch a perfect romantic series you can watch "Little Things"

It's really good and you will feel the love and bond between the two characters.

It is a romantic web series that brings into light the small but significant things in a relationship

For More Romantic Web series, Check Here 

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My favorite tv show is The Nanny. I love Fran Drescher, she is pretty, sweet, funny and a great actress. I laugh a lot thanks to The Nanny because the story was xtremely funny.
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S!!!! even though I wasn't born at the time it is funny for any generation and relatable to all. many, man episodes to chose from and also available on netflix!

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