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Currently, there is a booming development of social media that is exactly the premise to Influencer Marketing become one of the most effective marketing strategy for business. But there is a real that not all people know how to perform well an influencer marketing. Hence, this answer will give you the detail guideline about how to apply an effective influencer marketing strategy.

1. Create the marketing budget, KPI and target customers

Only when you have detail above information, you should start your influencer marketing because it will affect to how to choose the best suitable influencers in the market. There are three types of influences such as VIP/Celebrity, Professional influencer and Citizen influencer... Each type of influencer will require a different standard of budget and also the effects to the community. Base on good identification about the business goal and target customers, company can choose easily the best one

There are some common KPIs in an influencer marketing strategy such as: Audience reach, impressions, views, engagement, click through rate, conversion rate... 

2. Identify the main marketing channel for an influencer marketing strategy

Each social media channel will have unique audiences who are placed in different classes in society and they are different in habit, economic, references ... Hence, identify the suitable channel to promote the influencer marketing strategy is necessary.

3. Choose the suitable influencer

How to choose the best suitable face in the influencer community is one of the headache question for marketers. So, company should have some factors to choose the best face in influencer community. FX: Is that person has some similar characters that fit with the product's feature? Your brand is about fashion, you can not choose an old influencer who has not good at fashion... Right? 

Brand also should focus on the number of followers or views on the influencer's page to estimate how many people can get information of products or whether that number of followers is enough for promoting the brand?

4. Develop the effectiveness of the influencer marketing

Do you think that when you use influencer marketing, your company doesn't not to do anything, you just need to wait a good result? No way! You should also have the following up plan to create many activities to spread out your influencer marketing to reach as much as possible people. You can cooperate to Influencer to create some mini games, give away or image competition, writing competition... to attract more fans and followers. 

Before I have ever performed well a Influencer marketing for a cosmetic product. I invited a Korean singer who has a smooth skin and attractive apperance to join in my strategy. At that time, I also got difficulty on how to spread out my strategy to a wider audience. Following up my friend's suggestion, I used the social service of the third party of Sell Real Likes to help increase reaches and followers on my channel. It helped me to get a booming effect to impact the customers. After 1 month, my cosmetic product got 1000 orders from audiences. 

I hope that you also can over come the difficulties in doing the influencer marketing and you will get the success soon!

To know more about how to perform well the influencer marketing strategy, you can read more on my blog: A successful formula for an influencer marketing strategy!

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First of all you have to understand who is an influencer,secondly your target marketing, thirdly your followers. An influencer is a person who has a high command of followers in social network sites.

As an influencer it is very important to understand your followers very well such as their likes and  their dislikes because in marketing a consumer is a boss.

You will also have to know the target market of the products or services you want to market to your followers.

Also you have to know the market segments of the products and services you want market to your followers such as their age,gende, tastes and their geographical locations.

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