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Am tempted to ask, how often do you jog? Do you do it like 3 times a week, or is it once in a while. I used to experience the same problem some time back. not when am jogging but just walking. i used to walk a lot so when i slowed down for a while the pain started, from my point of view i felt that it was just the muscles that had relaxed quite a bit, and they needed to be exercised again. i could walk and the pain was so excruciating. I opted to start making a few rounds around the estate every so often and i realized the pain was subsiding bit by bit. i also realized having a massage done occasionally can really help ease the pain and discomfort. this is something that you can do for yourself, you don't need to go to hospital to get checked. the muscles just get tensed up sometimes and they need a little tender care.
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This can be a major problem and especially if you are jogging on the street or even cement. Normally it is a good idea to jog at the beach in the harder sand when you want to go jogging. Also, you will need to invest in a really good pair of running shoes to help you out. There are many outlet centers around and you can find a good pair of jogging shoes that will help support your feet and legs at a discounted price. I do not see spending hundreds of dollars on the new shoes that have been released when you can go to an outlet center and find great shoes at a discounted price.

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