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According to history ,the titanic sank on April 12, had 1517 passengers on board..only 706 passengers survived the ordeal to tell the horrific tale to the world.

In the movie titanic,it was portrayed that the ship sank by hitting a iceberg but the truth is,their are different versions of how the ship sank.The question "How did the titanic sink" baffled scientists for a long time and investigations into the matter began.The result revealed that many of the safety measures and regulations of the international maritime were outdated.The ship itself was found short of few of the standards

The survivors gave their own version.They said the ship hit an iceberg and began to sink

Some said that the ship"s body was made of certain kind of steel that became extra brittle in the cold and easily cracked at the slightest his case,iceberg and that account for how the ship sank.

Another version is that the titanic  was named unsinkable and the Olympic was not named unsinkable.Both were made  like twin sisters.The titanic did not sink.It was the Olympic that sank.It developed a mechanical fault that could not be fixed.Before the boarding of the ship,people swamped the letters of Olympic and titanic around and to prove that it was not the titanic that went down,divers found the letters MP at the side of the ship which was clearly not on titanic

Some said the titanic did not sink from natural courses.It was gathered that the Jesuit sank the ship because the billionaires behind the construction of the ship did not borrow them money to finish the construction of the federal reserve bank

Some said the  titanic sank because their were complications in the boiler room and this made a big black weak spot on the side.Thy saw the burnt spot but had to sail because tickets were sold out.The iceberg hit the burnt spot and made it easy to rip.

The honest truth is we were not their when it happened.. We are not even sure the real titanic sank.. Or maybe the titanic is a hoax.I  guess this bewildering questions will be something our children and our children "s children will struggle to find answers to.


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