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Me and friend were buddies from higher secondary and stayed that way into collg, but after the first yr HS me and him kindoff drifted apart, him being a flirt and kindoff started connecting with lots of women(even physically), me more of a straight forward guy and never really understood it.Often seen him flirt with our female college lecturers and is popular among them(I used to wonder how older late 20s ladies blush) in front of a 22 yr old, just because he jokes around them.I used to wonder how it happens.To give you a backdrop, hes this gatecrashing type, never stays at his home, dad abroad, is like 6.4 towering slim, odd looking guy, flirty and kindoff not scared to deal with women, but same time comes out with good grades and stuff.So, I kindoff resented him, because we were two different type of people.Being a friend, hes like friend of my family also, comes around often.Me, him and my younger sis end up watching tv together and he always calls her "sis" and you dont assume anything is out of place so you are like naive.It starts off one day when he asks her, hey sis, can you see me as your "own" bro and she says..i,m your bros friend,lol and then hes like" only a friend, not your bro"?she resents and says, you are my bro also and then looks at me( as if in a guilty way).I dont know something made me uncomfy, maybe having a 6.4 guy who takes up a lot of space, asking your pretty sis to see him as her own bro(its like something is odd), but I couldnt place it why I was feeling odd.By now, she literally started seeing her as a bro(just like shed see me).It kindoff pissed me off once when i went to the fridge and came back, he was sitting next to her watching tv and his hand was on her shoulder(basically on her bra strap) the one that shows out when you have a sleevles on.I was soo pissed, but he dint take his hand of and she kept on watching tv. So, its like hes become a literal brother of the family and more than I would like.How do I avoid him now?
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There are friends who can be termed as friends with benefits, they are just your friends so that they can get something from you, they are not genuine friends at all. Your friend is one of such, he is not being true to himself and your family, he is using your closeness to his advantage. Why would he want so much to know how your sister would regard him as? Is he trying to get close to her? because he could be using that question to weigh how your sister feels about him, then he jumps for the opportunity to start dating her. Like when your sister told him that she regards him as your friend meaning, he doesn't fit in as a very close friend of the family, that gives him a direct green light to go ahead with his plans, and not feel remorseful if anything happens because he knows she is my buddies sister no big deal we are just good friends. You have to talk to your friend and find out what he's really up to. I believe the player instinct is him watch over your sister.
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