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Adam died 726 years before the ark story took place. You can go to and find hundreds of timeline charts showing names and dates from creation to the flood.

The term "species" did not exist in those days. They were aware of kinds, and the Greek word for that is "genus". But neither word applies to the story. Noah was commanded to take "clean animals" and unclean animals".

If you research the story you learn that there is no physical evidence of a water flood at that time. But we do have China. In Chinese, the name of the country is "middle kingdom". Remember the tree of life? The Chinese saw that in the north sky. The Earth had equatorial rings in those days, and the Chinese thought they looked like a sea in the southern sky. Hebrew history records that as "The Sea Of Confusion". China was between heaven and hell, so they named the land "Middle Kingdom". Human life span was nearly a thousand years while the tree of life stood, but after the flood it was only 120 years. Careful study of ancient myths suggests that the tree of life and the flood were electrical effects which we don't understand at all, but tribes all around the world recorded the same sights when they were taken down. Every ancient civilization has a flood myth, and they all agree on all the details.
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This question remind  me of the story that I have read  in the bible bout the Noars ark where he was able to  take  with him two animals of each species that is a male and a female to the ark.

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