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I visit this site once in a while because im always busy offline and the fact that life always get in the way.I don't want to say the site is moribund or probably dismal..those words has hopelessness attached to them..

I'm just curious..the activities on this site have plummeted considerably.. the site is not buzzing..what is going on?Why do we have so many unanswered questions..I'm just surprised..

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I have been asking myself the same question. The aite had ao much energy going on when i first registered, but at some point it has suddenly gone so quiet. I noticed late last year when the site's admin announced that people should claim their money before the end of a certain date, if you had reached the minimum payout. Looks like this did not go well with some people given that christmas time is a busy time for many people traveling here and there. Could it be they caught many people off guard? That's when i realized the aite has gone quiet and there isn't much activity going on here. As for the questions, there are those questions where some people may not be a position to answer because they have no idea about the places that are being talked about. Like for instance myself i would like to answer questions on china, but i have no experience on it.

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