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Both are important. A good education can get you a good job and a good experience can also get you a very good job.

They both go hand in hand.If you have a vast experience in any field but you are not educated, the educated ones will be your boss.I don't know how things operate in other countries but in a country like mine,we lay great emphasis on certificates.

To be on a safer side,its good to upgrade oneself educationally while staying on the job to get the much needed experience and skills.

The truth is experience won't earn you promotion.What companies look at are your qualifications.If you don't have the needed qualification and you have experience in that field,you won't be promoted.

I don't know how private organizations work though.. at the end of the day,the boss determines who gets promoted whether you have the necessary requirement or not  because he owns the company and call the shot.

In a public sector, your educational qualification is what will pave way for you.
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That's so true. Both are important and go hand in hand. Thank you for your answer.
True. Education is important to get a good job. Experience also gives good job.
That answer is a correct answer and I like the answer very much thank very much for the answer
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Both of them are important but experience  is more important in  any given field  but also education can give you the knowledge and skills of whatever you are doing.
Experience of a given  profession such as doctor can be very important because without experience  a doctor can not perform his or her duties well with only education.
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Thank you for your answer to my question. Makes a lot of sense.
Yes. Education is like fundamental and one should gain experience from it. 
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We have two types of people; Learned and Educated people, which one do you think counts? I would definitely say an educated person is far much better than a learned person. Just to expound on it a bit, educated people work with their brains, while learned people need manuals to be able to work that's the short explanation. Education is important for everyone because that is what will enable you to interact with people around you. Experience is important too to have because it elevates you to a  higher rank. I would go for education because that can take you to greater heights without even the experience. You are able to do different things, at whatever level because you will maneuver around and eventually find your way, it does not limit you. Unlike experience, this will limit you because you are striving to get to the highest position in a certain department, so it gets you stuck in one position which does not expose you.
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Interesting. I tend to agree on the education over experience. But, experience does count for something in the equation.
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In my experience both are important. Some people think this way and others might think any one of them are important, but you can learn so many things through experience but the important part is it will take time if you learn all the things by yourself. Education also important, you will learn everything step by step in your life and you can get a lot of opportunities if you are good in the education like in the academics but without any practical experiment you won't get the knowledge of anything that is what i am saying you want to get experience in everything then only you can survive anywhere. After that if you are more experience try to teach others about the things you have learned so far, so that they will have a knowledge like you or they will try to experiment more things you have done so far. So what i am trying to say is boht are equally important in your life.
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Enough experience and it is like a education. So you feel that they are equal?
Both are equally important. Without education one can not get good job. 
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Both are equally important. The experience without education and education without experience cannot serve alone as requirement for the any job. The experience allows one to think out of box and to face the new challenges being faced in a job. 
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A good educated person may not be experienced and also a experienced person may not be educated. This is applicable in first and second sector jobs .But the type of good jobs that are available in third sector and quaternary  sector cannot be done by uneducated person .Because they need education first to gain experience .Imagine a person not having good knowledge of english and math and working for software companies. So it depends on what type of jobs youbwant
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Well said. But the experienced person are very successful in life. Thanks for your answer. 
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Both are important. Education important to know the technology and things. Experience important to handle it. Experience makes us perfect. 
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I think experience is more important than education. There are lots of people with degrees who don't know how to do their job or don't have experience for when everything doesn't go "as planned." While a limited education may prevent some companies from picking someone for the job, a lot of experience can be fine-tuned during training to replace formal education.
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All of them are important but experience is more important in any given field but also education can give you the knowledge and skills of whatever you are doing. 

Experience of a given profession such as doctor can be very important because without experience a doctor can not perform his or her duties well with only education.
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