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So a friend of mine asked me if it is a sin to be in love with a cartoon character who is married to another character in canon. In case you're curious, he's in love with Helen Parr from the Incredibles. Anyway, he wants the vast majority of what devout Christians say about it as he is very wary about how Biblical some responses might be. He told me he even wants a pastoral answer. He's desperate as he loves this character so much and yet is terrified that he can't love her due to the "You shalt not covet your neighbor's wife" commandment. But does it apply to cartoon characters who are married in their universe? Mind you, he does not have lust for this character nor takes it to an unhealthy level and he is devoted to God. I hope you can help him out. Love you all and God bless.

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Biblical it is a sin to love  someone who he or she is already married.
According to this context  the cartoon universe is another different world altogether and  it is not a sin to have a cartoon crush because that is just a movie and you happened to loved the character of the movie therefore it can't be real  unless the man also change into a cartoon character.

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