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Looking for better money transfer service from Australia to India. Need urgent help.
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You can use Western Union to transfer money from Australia to India and also Transfer wise.

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If both parties have a PayPal account then i suggest you use that, otherwise, you can use western union or money gram if these two are available. Aside that I can suggest if the other party has a payoneer account, you should use it because compared to PayPal the charges are low and account cannot be limited like a situation where PayPal is used especially when you're transferring huge sums of money.
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There are several ways a person can transfer money internationally. This will depend on the time factor, charges, and what the receiving party can accept in their country. Here are some options that work worldwide and are used daily by people and companies living around the world.

  1. International bank transfer using SWIFT.
  2. Many people choose PayPal.
  3. You have Skrill to use this is similar to PayPal.
  4. You can use Paytm to transfer funds.
  5. Western Union is another option but it does charge a fee at both ends. You'll pay to send and the person will pay to receive the funds. 
  6. Many people have switched over to Bitcoin to do money transfers from one place to another.
No matter what service you use, there will be some sort of fee involved. If you know the person you're sending money to then it is safe to send it by Western Union or a direct deposit to their bank account using a SWIFT transfer. Otherwise, use a service that will protect you in case the person doesn't send your good or services and you are not happy with the end results. PayPal can work with you to get your money back if the person tries to rip you off.
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Thank you guys this is really helpful.

I also need some suggestion about InstaRem and their zero margin Fx rates.

they assure best amount guaranty on every transaction.
even they are giving free account opening and Referral benefits.
Also, rated 7.80/10 by leading product review site Trustpilot.

anybody using their service???

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