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Fat is becoming a very big concern in households nowadays, many people don't really know how to control their fat content in their bodies. many times, we would go into stores, look for foods that are fat free or which have low calorie content, but the truth is sometimes the stuff we see in store shelves are the worst, when it comes to healthy eating. That's just the bitter truth, even though we need this food as much as it has chemicals that we are trying to avoid. anyway we just need to cook the food in every healthy way we can. There has to be some kind of compromise as well when it comes to ingredients. to your question, i can say black pepper and cummin seeds and lemon are the best spices for getting rid of fat naturally. i have tried the cumin seeds and i can attest that they are a good source.
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This is a good answer and thank you for it. Some very good points to keep in mind. Black pepper also helps to purify the blood. 
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In this case garlic and ginger are the best choice. In garlic, the presence of a substance called allicin is very useful for our body and it is powerful like antibiotic. It can enhance the immune system of the body. Garlic has an added advantage as it can reduce cholesterol and can settle an upset stomach. Ginger root can speed up metabolism and helps in weight loss get rid of belly fat. Ginger accelerate in emptying of stomach, which can be beneficial for people suffering from stomach discomfort.
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This is the answer I was looking for. Garlic has always been a favorite of mine and good for so many things. Both garlic and ginger are a bit harsh in taste but, when used correctly, can add a lot to any dish.
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Lemon juice  is the best choice because they are natural and they  also have no cholesterol contents that why they are able to settle an upset stomach and also retards the growth of fats in the body,for example

when a lemon juice is added in a fried chicken soup it is able to cut down and reduces  all th excess cooked  oil  which in most cases they contain colestoral that can lead to upset stomach and other diseases.
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Lemon juice is also good for a hair rinse on light colored hair. Vitamin c is so good for us. 

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