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Trouble with the sleeplessness

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1: Stick the regular sleep schedule (same time for sleep & wake up) whole week.

2: Exercise at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week.

3: Get plenty of natural light exposure during the day.

4: Take a warm bath or shower before bed.
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Tips to Beat Sleeplessness

Sleep has a significant role in your health. Interestingly it involves in repair of heart and blood vessels. Insomnia is the most common kind of sleep disorder which most of us are experiencing.The common causes of sleeplessness could be stress, trauma,changes in sleep pattern, also medical condition such as arthritis or back pain, physiological problems such as depression and anxiety.

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In acute case of sleeplessness, it is better known as insomnia in medical term. Many people suffering from insomnia. If someone changes his/her lifestyles and behavior, they can easily beat insomnia. Like 1) sleep for limited time in daytime because it can affect the the nighttime sleep. 2)  regular exercise is very essential as it could improve our sleep quality. 3) do not eat or drink right before going to bed 4) regular sleeping time should be followed 5) the bedroom should be comfortable and noise free 6) stress reduction is necessary, for that meditation is the best choice 6) activities should be limited in bed, as for example, avoid listening to the radio and watching television or making phone calls.
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If you can not  sleep you will get sick . sleeplessness is a dieaseas and it must be prevented and cured at any cost.

Sleeplessness can be prevented by  taking  the  following measures.


When you have a lot of stress you will not be comfortable at all and when you want to sleep you will not be able to sleep because your mind too occupied and to avoid that you have to be a stress free man which can be achieved by listening to music,watching movies, dancing and also doing some exercises like going to  tie gym . when do all that you will be stress free and you will be able to have enough sleep.


Sleeplessness is a disease and after doing all you can to avoid this but all your efforts were in vain you go to the hospital for further medication.

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