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I have 5 domains with 4 websites and now I am selling one of my domain through a forum. How can I sell it safe? What details should I transfer to the buyer? All my domains are on a same company's account. Help me with the selling procedures please.

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Currently, there are many people specializing in digital domain trading. To succeed in this market, it is necessary to have quick thinking and agility when searching and registering addresses. In many cases, it is also necessary to exercise patience, because the financial response does not always come with the speed that is expected.

All you have to do is pretty much check whether or not the domain name already belongs to someone else. Also make sure you check if the site already has content, and if it does make sure everything is ok with the content.

Is ethics necessary?

Many end up being charmed by the idea of making easy money and forget to be ethical when registering domains. One example: there are many people who register Brazilian domains of US companies before they come here. The domain is stopped until someone decides to buy it.

The black market for domains

Because domain registration works on the "who picks first, leads" scheme, there is no legal impediment in buying generic names to sell them later. In fact, it is not even forbidden to register domains with brand names or companies.

Doing the Right Thing

If you are interested in this market, go to domain auctions or use creativity to register a good name. If you want to buy domains that are already registered to start your site, search for the owner of the address and pay for the transfer of the domain. There is also the possibility of buying the whole site with all its content.
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There are many factors to consider before selling your website. I'm sure you know these. But if you want to sell your site here is what you should offer a potential buyer that is interested in buying your site from you.

  1. Supply them with plenty of documents and documentation about your site.
  2. You should include reports from your affiliate marketers, advertisers, and details of all other sources of income your site brings in each month.
  3. The person who is buying the site wants to see how much income this site generates each month.
  4. Make sure your site is ready to sell and there are no broken links, spam comments, adult ads (unless this is an adult website) and that you have your ads placed appropriately on the page. 
  5. But basically, the only documents that you need to supply a person is proof of income and a listing of all your advertiser or affiliates that you work with on the site. 
  6. After the sale, you can supply them with the rest of the important information they need to take over your site. 
  7. When the person is ready to purchase your domain or website, you'll need to use a broker to do this. 
  8. The person will deposit the money with the broker, this ensures the seller and the buyer are both happy with the transaction.
  9. After the transaction is complete the money will transfer hands and you'll be paid.
  10. A good site to use to do this transaction if Flippa. They can help you fill out all the paperwork and get the rest done for you. Many people use this site when selling off their website or domain name. 

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