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Let me start by asking a question, why do people curse others? I oftenly ask myself this question but i have never heard a good tangible answer. Curses truly happen, i believe so because, the power of blessings and curses lies in the tongue. I do not think there is a recipe for breaking a curse, if you are looking to find your answer in some manual somewhere am afraid you might not find any. That is just my take i am speaking for myself, i am yet to read or hear about it, but there is a medicine for that and all wickedness and evil that goes on around us. the medicine is prayer and confession, that is the only medicine that i know and can speak of. When we pray and rebuke curses, they are broken. It may sound very easy, but it is the hardest thing ever, why because you have to go back to the root of it then start from there. Why did it happen and from whom, that way, you will have an idea of whom you are rebuking and how. As you pray you know exactly who you are fighting and how.
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Amazingly, many people debate in the comments about whether the potions are real or fake, but no mat. Thanks for your nice question
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To break curses you need to develop a strong faith in God and believe he can stop all the attacks of the enemy. Although prayer is necessary to have most effect on more powerful curses it would be recommended to fast so that God will see the emergency of the situation
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I think this is spiritual so it can be solved through spiritually. Go to elders around your place and take advice from them. That is the best way to solve this kind of problems.
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If I am practicing witchcraft, I would be able to help you. The real truth is that I am not. I would love to try doing it to help others with good intentions.
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