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This is a good question considering the times we are living in, it would be interesting to know what most people think about it. For me i would say being a freelancer is a good option, if you consider the freedom that you have when working as opposed to being employed. With freelancing you plan your day and run it the best way you know how. Again you can come in as you like and go out as you like, Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. If we look at being employed there are many advantages to it that everyone will enjoy, and the best part of it is knowing that you have a cheque at the end of every month or every two weeks, that's wonderful. For freelancing you cannot be certain that you will get something out of it at the end of the day, chances are 50/50, and that can be a bit uncomfortable at times.
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Being employed brings a fixed pay packet home every month but being a freelancer keeps you jobless sometimes without any work or income. This is so because the world of freelancer is unpredictable. The flow of work is sometime huge and we have neck deep work pressure and earn  a lot. While sometimes there is no work in the market at all.

However being a freelancer keeps you a free bird. You work according to the clients guidelines but pressures mounts only when you have to meet deadlines. There is very less job politics and there isn't any tension of promotion which being employed in a company or by the government.
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I would like both employed and a freelancer. Definitely primary job be a employed and secondary be a freelancer. Obviously primary source of income is from primary job and secondary sources of income is through freelance activities.
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Freelance is great no real rules so if you get hired for a job its for your skill but employed is cool if its what you love to do

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