The unwanted leakage for last 3-4 months in my home become a nuisance. Finally I found it's my home air conditioning that's causing the leaks, now I am seeking help to stop the leaking and how can I prevent it happening in the future.
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Does the leak comes even when its turned off or if not, how long does it take before the leak comes?

If you are handy, you should try to take it apart and check the cooling system of the air conditioner. Otherwise, the best advice is to check the store where you brought it from for support and help.
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A window ac has to be installed level so that water removed from the air will flow to the back and fall outside. Over time, mud collects in the channel and you have to use a fondue skewer to poke the mud out. You open the front cover and locate the small hole in the bottom near the back and clean it the best you can.
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There are many causes of this issue-
1. The drain line may be clogged with dirt, dust or mold.
2. Damaged or rusted drain pan.
3. The pump breaks (which pumped the water outside).
4. The dirty air filter.
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