a game that a girl who is a doctor and suddenly a rich man proposes to herr because his young son likes her ?
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What do you do in this game, what is the purpose/goal in the game?

It sounds like its some sort of drama game or dating game where you flirt with different girls and take them out on dates or night clubs.

Its hard to know with the little information you have provided, try to add more info about the game so it will be easier to know which one it could be.
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Reminds me of some japanese visual novel. Was it a japanese game or european or american one? And yeah, what was it's genre and main goal? Do you recall any names maybe?
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it doesn't  feel like game at its like a drama where a guys father proposed his crush well i think this will be a great story to make a drama it will get awards as well work on story it will be cool i will watch for sure
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