Who do you think will win if Batman and Spiderman would start a fight against each other?

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I think spiderman will win if batman and spiderman will fight against each other since spiderman is much stronger than batman.
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How come spiderman is stronger than batman? I think batman have better equipment than spiderman.

Yup better equipments better war strategy smarter thinker and more. Batman would win :)

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In my oninion i believe batman would win. Batman is very smart and it takes brains to win a fight. Before i watched the movie batman vs superman i believed super man would win. But batman took time out to know the enemy before fighting him he used the knowledge he learned about him enemy and beat him. So batman would win because hes smart strong and has good fighting skills.
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I think spiderman has more capabilities than batman because spiderman is not just strong but is able to climb walls alone and could transfer from one building to another without using any kinds of transportation cars.  
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I do think Spiderman will win the fight against batman. It has just been created that way and it's hard to go against the wish of the script. Spiderman has always been the hero. 
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