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That sounds pretty funny to me. just the thought of thinking i love someone romantically and they don't feel it? really i think that's absurd. we all have fallen in love before, and am sure you will always feel something is going on, or is about to happen even without being told. There has got to be some kind of chemistry between the two parties, not unless you do not know each other. i hope i am making some kind of sense on this. Two people who know each other will definitely feel something towards each other, some kind of spark. How do you feel romantic towards someone whom you don't know, does that make any logical sense? Maybe we can say, you lust after someone, not being romantic towards them. Those are two different aspects, you can be lustful towards anyone if you have that kind of mind.
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@Leyley, that wasn't very nice. Leyley love is a very confusing and touchy feeling. It can make you feel on top of the world or it can feel like someone ripped out your lungs and you can't breathe. I am sure you weren't being malicious. But broken hearts are brutal. Sometimes you want something to be true, and some girls are naturally affectionate. So it's easy to get the feeling misread. We also don't want to clarify our feelings at times. Because we do care about someone but just not in THAT way. And many times if the other person doesn't say specifically "I love you" we don't assume they do. If i start to have feelings for someone i let them know if i am interested because you may get rejected but at least you will know. And if they were your friends they won't reject you cruely, they will care about your feelings. And Leyley is right sometimes our sex drive will mislead us to feel like we are in love. But if i love someone i let them know, we play with others emotions too often. You shouldn't settle for someone just because they are there and you shouldn't let possible happiness slip away because you are unsure of the others feelings. Thanks for letting me give my two cents ;p!
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There are so many times that you can have romantic feelings for a friend of the opposite sex and they do not feel the exact same way about you. It is hard when you want to take a friendship to the next level and you find out that the person does not feel the same way you do. This happens quite often and it can be a blow to your ego when this happens. You have two choices and one of them is to go on as friends or the second one is to stop seeing this person so much and cut off your friendship with them. 

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