What do i have to consider before buying a new car?
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I think following points to be considered before buying the car, since car is not economical
1. Size of family members. How many members in your Family.

2.Economy.  Costing of car

3. Purpose of car purchase
4. Mileage of car
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Can you afford it?
Is it really necessary right now?
Why do you want to buy it the car?
Is there a place to park near your home?
Can You keep up the maintenance?

can You pay the insurance?
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Keeping up with the maintenance for your car is one of the best basic way to extend it's life. Also some dealer's or manufacture's  at recognized vendor's. Here recommends keeping the following in mind when maintaining your vehicles: 

1. Don't put off scheduled maintenance. Keep all services items up to date.

2. Check your tires regularly and replace them when show signs of wear or damage.

3. Follow your recommend oil-change schedule. 

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In economic we are informed that price relates to value, the higher the price the more valuable the item is. The first consideration is the cost of the vehicle, second is the components of the vehicle like auto drive, engine capacity, fuel economy, availability of service centers and easy accessibility to replacement parts. 
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Many things you need to consider before buying a new car such as model, manufacturing year, price, efficiency etc. Price won't be a big factor if the car seller is committed to provide you a quality car.
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