What are the instruments traded in the money market??
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There is alot of different instruments who is traded at the money market.

Ive sold a Yamaha syntetizer some years ago for about 50% of what it was worth, so if you have the knowledge, you can earn some nice cash on the instrument market.

I think all different instruments are sold on the market, for example guitar, bases, pianos etc.
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Treasury bills, certificates of deposit, commercial papers, repos, Federal funds, banker's acceptance, bills of exchange, short term mortgages and assets backed securities. 
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Instruments traded in money market includes mainly the currency futures and currency options.

Other than this forward contracts, interest rate swaps are part of money market.
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Instruments traded in the money market includes stocks, shares, bonds, currencies, treasury bills etc which are all components of the financial market. These instruments have different value, maturity period  and risk attached to them. People and big financial companies trade in different instrument for the purpose of making profit. 
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