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There are so many lipstick choices these days and everyone has their own prefrences but i personally love Nars lipsstick lasts all day either good for day out or night on town and they have a amazing matte selection ! Good Luck !
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I think that Natura, a Brazilian company, is the best option when you want to buy a lipstick. They work with organic products, they do not damage the planet.
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As a qualified makeup artist, I can whole-heartedly recommend Mac Lipsticks. Although pricey to begin with you can ensure ease of use and long lasting. Which to me is most important when looking for a reiable lipstick. Hope this helps!
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My first option when deciding to find the best kind of lipstick is definitely know exactly what type of colors you prefer and what type of colors look best with your skin tone. Then I would look at the ingredients and make sure that you do not have and allergies to the ingredients. My personal preference is to also look to see if it is animal tested. I use Mac makeup and it seem to me to one of the best and top brands of makeup on the market. My second choice would be NYC. They are very affordable and are actually really great. 
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I prefer Lakme Absolute Matte Lip color. It is really good and you can try other brands MAC, Colorbar Matte Lipstick, Maybelline Lipsticks ( Last longer) also. 
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