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We cant since the body age overtime and gets weaker overtime.

The best ways to live a long and good life is to take care of your body as much as possible and keep condition and shape.

The best thing to keep the body in shape is simply to go out for a walk everyday, take a cycling session or a swim in the water for example.
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We as humans have no moral authority to do that. Only God can do that. He is the all supreme God and all things lie in his hands, when he speaks he does what he say. In the bible we are told heaven and earth shall pass away but his word will remain. We are just passers by we were not created to live on this earth forever. Only through God shall we live and have an everlasting life. Our bodies will die but our souls shall remain. Spiritual things may seem like they are so easy to hear and let go, but we need to read God's word so that we can understand what he is telling us and the way he wants us to walk in it.  Everlasting life is not about us anymore, it is about God and his works. We cannot say that we need to take care of our bodies so that we live longer, it doesn't work that way, because how long are we to stay if we were to live an everlasting life, 100,500,1000 years? That's impossible only God has the power to make that happen.

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