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This world is like a sleeping man, who saw in his dream something he hates and something he loves, and while he is like that when he wakes up from his sleep this world, from beginning to end , is only a short , fleeting moment, and one day it will become memories and news in which it is said, once upon time there was a world  called the world and there were people in it

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We cant since the body age overtime and gets weaker overtime.

The best ways to live a long and good life is to take care of your body as much as possible and keep condition and shape.

The best thing to keep the body in shape is simply to go out for a walk everyday, take a cycling session or a swim in the water for example.
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We as humans have no moral authority to do that. Only God can do that. He is the all supreme God and all things lie in his hands, when he speaks he does what he say. In the bible we are told heaven and earth shall pass away but his word will remain. We are just passers by we were not created to live on this earth forever. Only through God shall we live and have an everlasting life. Our bodies will die but our souls shall remain. Spiritual things may seem like they are so easy to hear and let go, but we need to read God's word so that we can understand what he is telling us and the way he wants us to walk in it.  Everlasting life is not about us anymore, it is about God and his works. We cannot say that we need to take care of our bodies so that we live longer, it doesn't work that way, because how long are we to stay if we were to live an everlasting life, 100,500,1000 years? That's impossible only God has the power to make that happen.
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Unfortunately we can't live forever on earth, because the law of nature does not permit so, and man is subjected to this law. Everything that has a beginning has an end. The human body has a limit, no matter the amount of plastic surgery done to cover the surface, the cells, bone, blood, hearts, and  in short the internal organs is what sustains the body. 
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Let me give an example. Anything that we humans create, like bicycle or medicines or computer, etc., comes with an expiry date. Similarly we have been created by God..we have an expiry date too. Only god is uncreated and immortal. It is God's will whom to create when and when to take their soul. 
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You don't need to do anything because it's a FREE gift. You're born with, like in the natural when you're born a Gerald, you're born in the spiritual a son/daughter of God. The issue is people are not coming to becoming conscious of who they're
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Only when God has created a new heaven and earth when this evil system has come to an end then will be the time when everyone will live in peace and security in paradise.
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We cannot have en everlasting life on earth. We live for a certain time, age and our bodies become weak. We die and the flesh part wears out. Our souls wait for a new glorious body when the son of God will come to take us to His eternal dwelling place in heaven. 
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You're right and everyone should understand it that everyone has to die.
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Everlasting can be define as forever, but for me it is better to refer it to as a continuing process. I can infer it as a continuing process for this defines how long can you undertake every life situation. No one knows the extent of time we have here on Earth, but God designed a clocked to round over your life. You can have an everlasting life here on Earth by reaching the goodness in your heart.

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I am sure all of us will not live everlasting here on Earth. There is another place where we can live eternally and that is in heaven with our loving God.
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It is not possible death is a part of life and we should accept that. But the way things are going you will find that scientist are trying to stop death from happening. But why do you want to love forever life is full of ups and downs and we all need a permanent break from that. Also you can never know what awaits you after death if you don't die. 
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We all have a limited number of years to live , and each one will die in his/her time only god knows when a person life ends, we can't get over the nature and over god and have everlasting life.
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I thinking having everlasting life means you wants to enjoy this world, and it is not a bad thing, but once you know that you are fulfilled then i think that's enough, just enjoy with your great grand children.
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Everything that is created has to die. Everything is temporary. Nothing is permanent. Everything in this universe is supposed to die because if no one will die then how will the population on planet earth will be managed? There are more reasons but I found this reason the most suitable here so I told this. Everyone has to leave whether he's human, animal, a ghost, a plant or a tree.
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