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My boyfriend has a burnt like a scar on his chest. When asked he told that it is called keloid and will be cured after treatment. Is this a dangerous disease? Are keloids contagious? Can keloid be cured permanently?


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Keloid can't be cured permanently. It's a kind of sensitivity causing to the skin. But keloid can be controlled without spreading to other parts of the body. One affected with keloid should not try to remove by his own as this may cause a big keloid on the same place. Laser treatments are there but not a permanent solution.
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Keloid is a scar that happens with from a deep wound or even after surgery. This is a skin disease and some treatments are available to help reduce the scar tissue. They have found that if they inject the scar corticosteroids or other medicine it will help to reduce the scar. Otherwise, this can be surgically removed to reduce the scar tissue. There is actually no cure for this and the person can develop other, deep scarring from burns or surgery. It isn't possible to remove this scaring on your own and a doctor will need to remove it or treat it to help reduce the size of the scar.

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