As a news reporter, I need a tool that can help me to add 'Date and time' to the photos along with the 'Location' details. So that I can show the real-time events happening around the world!
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Hey Prashant, you can use any geotagging app to add location on photo. Many apps are available on Play Store for this purpose. I would like to recommend you one geolocation app named, "GPS Map Stamp: Geotag Photos with Timestamp Camera".

I am using this app, and I like it the most. The feature I love the most is, we can add location along with date & time, either on photos captured using app's camera or on the pictures which are already available in our device.

What are you talking about? If you are using a cellphone that is an option in your SETTINGS menu. If you are using a digital camera you need an exif editor. If you are using film and paper you have to write that information on the back of a print or on the envelope containing the negative.

You should know all these things before you call yourself a professional.

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You can use a tool called PhotoScape, it is user friendly and straight forward to use.

Also, you can use the Free photo editing software, Paint..
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