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When you have the business you will want to make profits and to achieve that you will have to market your business  very well.
The best  and unique way to market your business is by using social media influencers such bloggers,Youtubers and also instagramers  by giving them endowments deal to market your products and services Globally.
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There are so many ways to promote business globally, such as banner advertising, message advertising, digital marketing and much more. But one of the unique and trendy ways for business promotion is social media marketing.

You can share your brand's pictures on social media to attract people towards your company. You can also share your pictures after adding your company's address on them. Here I will recommend you one geotagging app for it.

You can check it out here: GPS Camera application

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Social Media marketing is one of the effective ways to promote your business globally. By performing Social Media promotion you can easily reach thousands of customers at the same time.
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No ! You have a lot of option to promote your business globally: social media and email marketing will help you yo achieve your goals. First you have to investigate what are the best options for you and then work on them.
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When it comes to business promotion globally, google adsense is very helpful and you can promote your business with a cheap price.  The other method is the use of social media like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Instagram etc, but it most have a good membership spread globally for it to have that social effect and balance. 
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