I have a laptop but it's screen started flickering. When I went to repair shop they told that the screen is damaged so I need to replace it. It's about half the price of a laptop. I don't want to repair my 4 years old laptop for that much money. I can get an old led monitor for a very cheap price online. Can I connect my laptop to this monitor by removing the original screen so that I can use it as a desktop PC?
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Do your laptop have a VGA Port? or HDMI port?  You can connect any monitor via these ports using VGA cables HDMI cables available in the market or buy online. Use a separate keyboard to avoid more damages to your laptop.
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Considering your laptop is over 4 years old, you should have a VGA port on the back of the laptop. All you need to do is use the monitor cable VGS cable and attach this to the back of your laptop. Turn on the power to the monitor. When your laptop turns on you should see the image on the monitor. You'll still see the image on the laptop because it displays on both monitors at the same time. 

The only difference now will be in your mouse. You'll need to push this upward so that the mouse pointer will display on the monitor. Afterward, you can use the laptop the same as you did before and just use the monitor for viewing the images on the laptop. Many people will attach a large flat screen monitor to their laptop so they can view movies on a larger screen. This is very command and shouldn't be an issue for you at all. 
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Each laptop has the HDMI port for the screen sharing and extension. You can make use of that. Even the windows and the linux both has the external monitor options which you can use and make use of the multiple displays as well. 
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1- Open task bar and click on notification icon.

2- Now select the "Connect button" which is visible on the notification window.

3- Now your main PC will look for available device to connect on the screen. As soon as your laptop name appears on the screen quickly select it.

4- For accept the request for connection look at your laptop and accept the request.

5- Right click on the desktop of the PC and select the "Display Settings".

6- Now in the display menu change the "Multiple Display" section to "Extend Desktop" to this display.

7- Now you have successfully set up your laptop as a secondary monitor.
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