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For me alway be very careful about personal issues and I always keep it confidential unless it is required by law to share these informations.  If you are talking about passwords than try to keep it in a computer that is protected by password, for documents it should be locked in safe place only you should have access, jewellery best to keep in a safe at bank, money definitely in bank etc.

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Your question is not very clear, but I will try to answer it the way I understand it. I think the best way to manage your things or life is by budgeting and planning. Let me expound on this. When I talk about planning, this means arranging your time in the sense that, when you want to do anything for the day you need to plan what will be done when where and how. That will give you direction and how to manage your time.

The second one is budgeting. Who doesn't budget in this day and agr. I believe we all budget so that we can get value for mo key, and also try to save. Budgeting is a way of managing funds. You will avoid spending money aimlessly, and buying things randomly.  Budgets help up also keep focus on long time projects, which we add able to finish in good time.
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According to me, the quick and easy way to manage personal things with this amazing application named "My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management". This Personal Stuff Management allows adding all different types of categories of personal things with its photo, name, price, purchase date, warranty date and many more. By adding one time things detail it will help to manage and track all my personal things.

You should also try!

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You have to be a well organized person, so you can balance your life about job, love, sports, study, etc. If you are an organized person you will become a successful person so fast.
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Nidhi Soni, it's always like that, when some person wants to organize his (or her) personal things, he (or her) makes a priority of each thing, and say themselves what is important for them and what is not. For example, for me - the most important thing is to make my hair style each day, making my hair beautiful and modern-looking. That's why I simply click my bookmark with a great blog, that shows a lot of really cool hair styles. That's great.

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