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1. Samsung

2. Nokia Lumia window Phone

3. Sony Ericsson, Vaio,  Xperia, X10 etc

4. Apple iPhone

5. Xomi readme Mi

6. OPPO smartphone

7. Vivv 

8. Realme 

And many other related phone 

Please you guys, give me your good advice,

So that I'm comfortable in buying the phone. You are very important to me.

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I have always believed in the saying old is gold. I may not know much about all the phones, but from what I have tried and tested, I will always stand with Samsung because it has never let me down. For years this is the phone this is the brand that I have been using. The phones have good memory, they don't hang aimlessly like other phones, they have many good features, it is easy to handle in terms of size. Its not bulky i like the slim fit, that can fit easily in the pocket. The battery life is also good and durable. The only disadvantage about this phone is the constant reminder of having to update it every other day. Which is not bad, but it can sometimes get into your nerves.

I find Apple a little too complex, but if yours complicated person you would fit right with it. All the best in your choice.
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