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Plants keep the environment clean. Yes, that is true. Now a days, the issue of global warming is increasing which causes the glaciers melting on a fast scale. Trees take carbon dioxide and releases oxygen which is reciprocal to what humans do. So. by planting more and more trees, we are saving our environment. 

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Trees are our lively hood, without them we may say we are doomed for sure. Who does not like greens around them, would you be comfortable looking out your windows or doors and all you see is concrete, and dust that has collected at the edges of your doors. I guess this is something everyone will agree with me that it is not a good sight to behold. Trees give us shade, we use tress for beautification, tress are also beneficial to the birds of the air and animals. We all benefit from trees in different ways. We also get good fresh air and they also aid in water and rainfall. Without trees, would we be having paper that produces books? Obviously not. We also get charcoal and firewood for domeatic uses which is very essential. With all tgis things in mind we need to remember to reserve our forests everywhere.
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There are so many benefits.  It serves as a wind break. It shelters wild life and animals. It helps to reduce erosion of the soil and so on
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The ecosystem starts from the plants. They contribute the most to the environment and therefore they have the most number of benefits than any other living things in this universe. We plant a tree and as it grows up it fills the environment with oxygen, using up the carbon dioxide. The tree is other words works as an air purifier. When this tree shed leaves they rot and can be used as humus a kind of manure for other plants. The branches and twigs are still used as fuel in many parts of India.

Even when a tree dies or is cut off its wood can be used for craving wood furniture or even as fuel. Even when alive their leaves, flowers and fruits serve as food for many living being like the human and the herbivorous animals. Not the least it is responsible for retaining moisture in the environment and shade too thereby regulating the temperature of that area.
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Benefits of planting trees.

1. Well placed trees can reduce your cooling costs in the summer by shading the south and west sides of your home. If deciduous trees are used they will allow the sun to pass through and warm your home in the winter.n

2. Evergreen trees on the north side of your home and shrubs around the foundation of your home can act as a windbreak to reduce the cooling effects of winter winds.

3. Trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe.

4. Trees offer many environmental benefits.

5. Trees improve our air quality to filtering harmful dust and pollutants such as ozone, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide from the air we breathe.

6. Through careful planning trees can be an asset to your entire community.
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Planting of trees has many benefits both to humans and animals.People normally says a land without trees is like living in a desert and that means that  human cannot prefer to stay in an area where there are no trees that why they like to plant them because they benefits  a lot.The following below are some of the benefits  that planting trees can provide-

1. Trees provide fresh air to the environment during the hot seasons.
2.Trees provide source of income when cut into timber and sold .

3.Trees act as a water catchement area whereby it attract rainfall.
4.Trees like,mango trees provide food to the families.

5.Trees provide building materials for construction of houses.
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You make the planet a better place to live. Due to pollution, there is no good oxygen on Earth, it is contaminated. So a tree will give us good air and oxygen.

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