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Here are the most important steps to become a successful youtuber -

1. define what success means to you.

2. develop your channel's goal.
3. develop your content on youtube.

4. Mind your SEO.

5. Be consistent with your channel.

6. keep with your channel's category.
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thanks for giving wonderful answer. I look forward to keep my channel growing. 
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You can become a successful Youtuber doing what you like to do. You have tot do what you love and people will follow you. You can use social media to promote your work on Youtube.
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The quality of your content plays a key role when it comes to being successful on YouTube. There are genre of videos that google pay more which are the educative ones. Also your viewership location, view from certain countries like the USA earn more than those from like for example kenya.  Secondly consistency is always rewarding, especially when you have a huge number of subscribers who want to see new videos. Longer videos are more rewarding than shorter ones, so video duration is important. Thirdly promoting your YouTube channel through social media platforms to attract more viewership is also important. 
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