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No. You don't start remembering things until about three or so.

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This question sounds like a contentious one,Wow very interesting, How can one remember to be born surely? You must be an agel or God to remember such a moment. We all know at some point we were brought into this world by the people we call our parents in this case our mothers because they are the ones who bore the pain of child delivery. I say contentious because someone may just ask how sure are you that you were born or how sure are you that you are your mother's child. Am just thinking aloud because i know there are people who have asked such questions knowing very well we cannot be able to answer such questions, that's when we say God is very mysterious no one knows how he does his things. Anyway the truth is i cannot remember being born i just found myself in this world.
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No. But some people dream about their birth, and some people say that they can remember past lives. It depends on you if you want to believe or not.
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The answer is no, and the same applies during death. The reason being that at that stage the memory of the child is far from development so nothing to stores. But one amazing thing that sticks to memory as a child is the love given to us as we grow up. But as the child grows up, the memory starts developing and widening, she/he can pick up lessons and remember faces. 
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