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I sometimes feel depressed for no reason. Even after doing a whole lot of household chores, some freelance writing I feel very depressed at times. Can you tell me why does one feel so.


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Are you talking about depression or frustration? From the way i understand depression, it starts with the feeling of unworthiness then goes up to frustration from there now someone slips into depression at least that's what i think. Is this something that comes every other day, or occassionally. Depression is a condition that has been growing inside you without your knowledge, but from what you have written it seems like it happens when you have done house chores and writing. Maybe your just frustrated and not depressed, because depression will make you loose interest in doing stuff, you will always want to just be alone. Maybe you need to check around you and see what gets you frustrated, and work on it you might just be shocked that you don't feel frustrated any more.
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First identity the reason for your depression. If you can't find the reason for the depression, then simply ignore that. If I am feeling depressed, i listen to songs and dance for sometime. Then I take bath and will sleep for sometime. If that too doesn't work, then I meet my friends. We roam for sometime here and there and have some snacks or something. Then we may talk for sometime and we start the kidding on anyone of my friends, which make us laugh and we become happy for that and eventually losing our depression. In this way, we can overcome the depression
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When I feel depressed for no reason I go to run, I feel better 20 minutes after and if I run more than 45 minutes, the depression disappears and I feel relieved.
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They say that exercise will release chemicals in the brain that helps with depression. I like to keep busy to take my mind off the depression. I also read or listen to self help audio tapes. I find that gives me some comfort. If the depression lasts for two weeks or more, it may be a chemical in balance. I would then seek help of a professional.
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For some people, there is no cure for depression and it is caused by a hormone imbalance. These people need to take medication on a daily basis in order to function correctly and even go on with their lives. In other cases, depression can be caused by the weather. Take for example if you are forced to endure wind and rain for an extended period of time you can feel depressed and closed in. In these types of cases, it is a good idea to move and change your environment. It is not healthy to just stay in a situation that makes you depressed. Then in other cases, it could be your partner that is causing you to be depressed. Living in an unhealthy environment is horrible. Jobs can make you depressed and in these cases, it is best to find a new job and move on. 
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When you are depressed you can listen to a good motivational songs, the type that will lift your spirit or mood. You can talk to someone, some discussion can lift your mood for good. You can also pick up a book to read, or watch a TV program. Continuing in silence can worsen the situation, sometimes I try to make others happy and that in turn motivates me. 
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If there's really no reason to be depressed, then just analyzing your state of mind and picking it piece by piece should work. If you look at every little detail of your bad mood, there should be no bad mood left.
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As humans that we are, there are many things that we deal with and worry about. Things that put a strain on our feelings, emotions and well being. 

Every other thing we do daily only distracts us for the moment from how we truly feel. We are not our chores, work, money, clothes or other possessions. We are our feelings, our soul and energy. It's only natural for the feeling to creepy back in when you are calm and at one with yourself.

It will only go away for good when we learn to properly tend to our feelings and emotions. When we learn to heal everyday, find happiness in the littlest things and let positivity reign. 
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Being depressed is part of being human. There are times in our life that we feel depressed with no reason, we just feel empty with the thought of life. It's okay to feel that one but you need to have an outlet for that. You need some support system inorder for you to overcome your situation because you just need someone to understand you and to listen to you. But the most important thing is, always say a prayer. Always remember that no problem is bigger than your God. 
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When I feel depressed without any reason, I prefer sleep. To me sleep is the best medicine to overcome my depression. 

Breathing exercise is my second option. 
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I start to surf the Internet,when i feel depression for no reason.Everyone should surf the Internet to look for the things.They will lose their depression in this way.
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