How can I withdraw the points i gained here in answeree? - Answeree
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There is a threshold that you need to obtain before you can request your payment from the site. You will need to have a $30 balance in your account before you can request your payment. Once you've reached this balance you'll need to send a PM to the company and request your payment. This can take up to 72 hours for them to review your answers and approve your payment request. The company has outlined all this in the FAQ section and it is fully explained there. I would suggest that you go there to read this and understand how it all works. I have been paid several times by the company and I have always received my payment within a few hours. 
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To withdraw your points, you need to have the minimum points which is equivalent to 30 dollars and note that each answer gives you 10 points and each comments gives you 5 points. Send a private message to  answeree Administrator requesting for withdrawal of your points, after which your answers and comments will be accessed inline with withdrawal policy. Withdrawal are usually made to your paypal account with 72 hours of request. 
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