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SEO is a strategy to create content to be visible on the internet and online marketing is a set of strategies to sell all kind of products on the internet.
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Search engine optimization is the process by which you can optimize your website on the top of search engine rankings. It depends on various on page and off page factors. With utilizing the best SEO tactics, a business can get more online traffic, conversion rate & sales. 

Online Marketing:

Online marketing, which is also called internet marketing or online advertising, is any tool, strategy or method of getting the company name out to the public. The advertisements can take many different forms and some strategies focus on subtle messages rather than clear-cut advertisements.

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SEO is search engine optimization deals with the website optimization to get new search engine users. And the online marketing dealss with promoting of the website. Adding the ads into the social media and search engine to get the new visitors. You can get some good traffic this way and also build good brand along the way. 
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