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Your question seems to be hanging, maybe it's the way you have framed it. For better understanding you could probably rewrite it or something. Anyway i will try to answer it the way i understand it. Are you perhaps refering to a court case where you think a trial can convince a judge to acquite or not to acquite? This is what am making of the whole question. Court cases can be very tricky sometimes. But trials are all about being tried and charged. This will definitely depend on the type of case and what the peraon is being accused of. Evidence is what gets people to be freed or jailed. If there is enough evidence that is linked towards you, the judge will obviously get you imprisoned for what you have been charged with, and if the evidence is either lacking or is insufficient, your likely to be freed.
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No, it won't. When you are confident about your personality you don't need any drugs. Although the people around you can consume drugs, you don't have to do the same.
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There are many sites online that offer a free trial period before you join the site. This is to show you how the site works and if you want to pay for it. Then again there are some companies that will visit a market and hand out free samples so you can taste their food before you buy it. There are many people who love free trials and join them before paying the full price. I am not one of them. 

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