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Today, Education is the Most important weapon in the world.

 Education is given as a knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better. 
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In a laymans language, education is the process of where we recieve knowledge on how to live life or go through life. If we did not have education in this world would there be any schools, universities or some sort of institutions in this world? i guess not. Education is what has taught many people to be able to do what they are doing now, to be where they are today. The things we enjoy in life, the technology, the beautiful houses that we live in, the good cuisines that we enjoy they are all courtesy of education. This does'nt just apply to the low class but it apply to everyone regardless of wheher you went to university or not. Education is the key to prosperity, success and so on. It teaches us and also corrects us as we go on through life, that is where knowledge to do stuff comes from.
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Education is to have valuable knowledge and information. Then you can use it to get a good job and achieve your goals. Education never ends and will be with you forever.
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Education is one way of developing mental and social skills.  Education has economic benefit because an educated person learns to be independent and contribute positively to society development. Education increases confidence in children.  Poverty is linked to non-education, also educated children are exposed legal and social requirements of living in a peaceful society, with such knowledge crime is reduced. Education promotes research in medical and scientific fields. 
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Education is about learning skills and knowledge. It also means helping people to how to do things, how to handle the situations with knowledge and support them to think about what they learn.
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