Being in my early 60s, it's difficult for me to to do things around the house. My doctor advised me to move to an independent living community. But I don't know anything about it.
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That is what they call the old folks' home nowadays. Every one is different. "Independent" usually means there is no medical staff on the premises.

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Independent living is where you will have your own apartment but with 24 hour emergency help, you’ll probably have panic buttons and emergency cords in case you have a fall etc. My grandmother has lived in a really nice apartment like this for the last 15 years, there are another 12 residents and they sometimes do group activities too but there’s no pressure to go along. The panic buttons give her and us piece of mind.
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It means that you will live with people you don't know and maybe you could be friends. There is no medical staff but you can help each other. That is good option instead of living alone.
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There are many communities that are set up in certain countries to allow elderly people to maintain their dignity and still live on their own. There also have communities set up for handicap people who have issues to live on their own and these communities help them to live in their own homes and take care of themselves. The communities are monitored and there is a staff on hand to help people when they have problems. This is a good way to not just throw your parents in a retirement home. The communities have cameras in the home that they can help to monitor people and make sure they don't fall down or need emergency medical attention. They are there to help them get to the doctor and to shop for their needs.  
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