How to easily get out of a love break?

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The best way to overcome it is to talk about it. Talk about the good, the bad, why it broke up. The more you face up the reality of the break up the easier it becomes. There will always be good and vad. That's the balance of life.
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Heartbreaks can be the worst things that could happen to anyone. Whoever came up with the idea of calling it a heartbreak must have really had their hearts broken, and it caused them great pain. Anyway, anyone who has ever had a heartbreak knows just how much it pains. I have had one before and it really broke  my heart for real. I thought my life has literally come to an end, i felt like i will never fall in love again, but guess what! just like it comes and goes, that is how you will again find real love. The one thing you need to do first, is to accept that you have lost your love, and they are not coming back, once you accept that fact then you can move on. Being in denial will never get you to move forward you will always be stagnant. Pain will be there, crying will be part of you for a while depending on how deep the relationship was, but that too will pass. just accept and the rest will follow. Keep busy with the things you love to do as well.
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Heartbreak is so uncomfortable,  it comes with a lot of pain, you loose focus and you are confused about what you really want in life.  The best way is to allow yourself to feel all those feelings.  Allow yourself to feel the pain.  Cry if you want to. Spend time alone and cry it all out. While you do this,  remember that these are just feelings and feelings don't define you.  They are part of you but you can always act against them.  Embrace them but don't let them drive you into doing crazy things.  With time,  all this uncomfortable feelings will go away and you will have focus and hope in life again. So embrace your uncomfortable  feelings and give it time.  
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My friend once told me, the less you give a damn, the more happier you will be. Although this might be painful and bothering you oftenly, you need to try as much as possible not to think about it. Being heart broken isn't the end of life, you got a life ahead of you. Talk to friends and they'll help you overcome this soon.
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The best way to get over a heartbreak is to just focus on your career and make your dreams come true. Prove to that someone that it is his loss letting you go. Your world does not stop because you are broken hearted, there are still people who loves you genuinely. Cheer up and continue moving forward to making yourself better, you have to love yourself more. The best person will come to you at God's perfect time. 
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Love is of the heart, and to overcome heart break you need to work on your heart. You need to impress certain thoughts and believe into your heart. One of such is that, the best is yet to come, and it is not the end of the world. Wish the person you broke up with well, because if you harbor pain it will hurt you the more, have friends that will keep you motivated around you. Things that the mind lifted includes music, sometimes comedy and motivational messages, so tune your heart to this. 
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Love breakup really hurts and worse feeling that almost happen in everyone's life. To overcome the pain, just concentrate the things that you love. For example, if you love to draw, sing, dance or any other, just concentrate on it. 

Always engage yourself with activities. Spend more time with your friends. Yoga helps in this case. 

Time heal every pain. So just wait and one day life will change as per your wish.
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The best way to overcome the recent break of love is that you should think about it.You should go for the other options.This is not the end of your life.
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Just thinking that there's a best one for you. If you still love your ex, just thinking that if they're your fate to life with, god surely will be uniting you two one day and married. Or after break up, doing everything you can do when in the relationship it had been obstructed.
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