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I never used to believe such things when i was younger, instead i used to get very scared when i heard people talking about stories where people were bewitched, some of them died, but others lived to tell the story. It was unbelievable that there are people who can do certain things to people and still continue to live their lives like nothing ever happened. In short yes i believe that witchcraft is real, and it exists all over the world. We all have different names for them, but it is there. Witchcraft does affect people in different ways. when one is a victim, you will find there will be instances where people will get mad, others will have sicknesses that cannot be treated in hospital, others will get accidents that are unexplainable and so on. so this things actually exist, as much as we try to ignore that fact, it is real.
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I believe that people make their own reality, when you believe something has power over you then it will. Witchcraft is a very controversial and contradictory topic as many say that it exists while others believe it to be gimmicks. My opinion is that it does exist but any power it has over you is what you allow.
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Voodoo, witchcraft and the supernatural have all be topics of films and documentaries for years. Long before we had TV and knew about the existence of the supernatural they burned people at the stake because they were different. They swore they were witches and caused harm to people and did strange things. None of this was ever proven and people died for no reason at all. There are witchdoctors out there that practice today. More of what they practice is natural remedies and healing and people go to them because they believe. There really is no actual proof of witchcraft and how it really works. People believe in this because they have no idea what it is or even how it works. They are scared of this because they do not even understand it. I believe people are afraid of what they do not understand and this is how most of this keep people curious and exploring it.  

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